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Ellie the Frenchie amigurumi pattern by Belle and Grace HMC

Now you can make your very own french bulldog teddy!

With this purchase you will recieve a link to download the digital file. 

Here is some information before you get started...

I have designed this french bulldog pattern so that you can create your own frenchie in your favourite colours.
The pattern is written out as if it was a one colour frenchie, with instructions for face and body
patches included in the steps. However the pictures will be of a black pied french bulldog. Work out which colours you will be using and where then write them down on a sticky note as a reminder.
Skill level this pattern is easy enough for beginners, however there is a bit of sewing. Just remember to use a lot of pins and take your time. If you find you are not happy with your results after attaching the piece, unstitch it and start again… it’s a pain and frustrating but it will be worth it in the end.

Termanology This pattern is written in US terms.
The pieces are worked in continuous rounds, do not join rounds.
For this pattern I used and recommend Scheepjes Stone Washed yarn. The effect of the yarn and the colour palette work well with the likeness of french bulldog colours. Of course you can use any yarn of your choice, just remember to use the recommended hook size the yarn calls for.
When using this recommended yarn and hook size your frenchie will sit at 23cm tall.
Colours suggested for making a frenchie
● Moonstone - White
● Black Onyx - Black
● Yellow Jasper - Fawn/Gold
● Smokey Quartz - Grey
● Boulder Opal - Light Brown
● Brown Agate - Dark Brown
The total amount of yarn may vary depending on what frenchie you make.
For example if you were to make a standard Blue frenchie (grey colour) you will need 1 and ½ balls
of Scheepjes Stone Washed in Smokey Quartz = 200m approx
For a Black Pied frenchie, 1 and a bit balls of Moonstone, about half a ball of Black Onyx or
whichever second colour you choose.
3mm hook - Black cotton thread for the nose - Pair 12mm black safety eyes - Stuffing, Scissors - Scrap yarn or Stitch markers - Sewing needle - Pins (These will be helpful on getting the right
placement of pieces)
Stitch Guide
MR magic ring
Sc single crochet
Inc single crochet increase (work 2 Sc in the same stitch)
Dec single crochet decrease (work 2 Sc together)
Slst slip stitch

Ellie the Frenchie Crochet Pattern

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