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Adopting your own Unique French Bulldog

At Unique French Bulldogs, we like to know that our puppies are going to the best of homes. We ask all people to fill in an adoption application so we can help to give advice on the best suitable dog or puppy for their needs. ALL Unique French Bulldogs are priced as pet only and come on a desexing contract, call today if you wish to discuss breeding terms. ​

Adoption Process

  1. Complete an adoption application so we can make contact with you. 
  2. Register for notification of new arrivals so you can be first to know and can quickly place a deposit  non-refundable first payment. Can be transfered to another dog or litter.
  3. Stay tuned to find the perfect family member. 
    Our adoption application asks a lot of questions and we ask that you answer truthfully. We ask these questions to ensure our pups have the best of homes forever and that they are safe and secure in their new home. 
    We are also a phone call away and will be here for the entirety of your dogs life to support you and give your dog the best. 

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