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If you are interested in adding one of our puppies to your home, please fill out a adoption questionnaire form, by clicking the button below.

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 Wellington shire council 09/2015
             Source number: br101372


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Viv's Litter

Expression of Interest Only:
3 Boys and 2 girls.

These babies from Viv and Ace are just a delight.  Make sure you fill out an adoption application so you can adopt one when they are ready to join their new homes. 


DAB WSC/09/2015

Raven's Litter

Expression of Interest Only:

These 5 beautiful girls have joined the world and will be ready for their new homes when they reach 8 weeks of age.

If one of these adorable babies will fit into your family, fill out an adoption application and send back to us. 

Be quick, they are that gorgeous they will find homes quickly. 


DAB WSC/09/2015

French Bulldog Puppies
available now below

Squire, Sis, Spanky and Sawyer

Squire, Black Brindle Male $5000

Sis, Black Brindle female $5000 SOLD 

Sawyer, Black Brindle male $5000

Spanky, Black Brindle female  $5000 SOLD 

Skye's Litter are ready for a forever home

 please call to enquire 

Cash/Card/Bank Transfer $5000



Squire 956000012209474

Sis 956000012209235

Sawyer 956000012187075

Spanky 956000012187688

DAB WSC/09/2015


Mikkie SOLD 

Cash/Credit Card/ Bank Transfer Price:

Mikkie Fawn Sable Male $5000.00

Mikkie is waiting for his new forever home, fill out an adoption application now and he can join you anytime. 

Mikkie is playful but loves a snuggle on the couch. Perfect for those winter nights we will see soon. 

Microchip: 953010004179404



DAB WSC/09/2015



Jeremy, Jack, Jennings and Jessup

Cash/Credit Card/ Bank Transfer Price:
Jeremy Black Brindle Male $4000.00 SOLD

Jack Blue Male $7000.00

Jennings White Male $3500.00
Jessup Blue Male $7000.00

These adorable puppies have there eyes on some humans to call there parents. If your looking for a fur-baby to love and spoil., go no further. Contact us NOW!!


DAB WSC/09/2015

Jeremy: 953010004046867

Jack: 953010004242107

Jennings: 953010004179410
Jessup: 953010004246083

Breeze & Brooklyn, Paz

Cash/Credit Card/ Bank Transfer Price:

Breeze: White Female $4500.00

Brooklyn: White Female $4500.00

Paz Blue Brindle Male $7000.00

All white and absolute delights! These little darlings are full of personality, making our staff laugh everyday. If you're looking for a best friend you are possibly looking at him or her. Don't miss out on the chance to take one of these characters home. Contact us today! 


DAB WSC/09/2015


Breeze: 900000000002051

Brooklyn: 992001000177307

Paz : 953010004242127

Maggie,Charlie, Lolly & Biggie   

Cash/Credit Card/ Bank Transfer Price:
Maggie: Brindle Female $6000.00

Charlie: Merle Pied $5000.00

Biggie: Chocolate Brindle $7000.00

Lolly: Blue Fawn Female $7000.00

Want a best friend and snuggle buddy? Maggie, Chrome, Charlie and Biggie are... these beauties are waiting patiently for a forever home. Don't miss out on the perfect addition to the family. Contact us TODAY!

Maggie 943094322006283

Charlie 900000000002052

Biggie 943094322006582

Lolly 900000000002048


DAB WSC/09/2015

Buzz & Bilson 

Blister & Bruiser's Litter Born: 13-12-19.

Ready to go to new homes.

Buzz, Blue Male 956000012209662

Bilson, Blue Male 956000012193852

Cash/Card/Bank Transfer $7000


These French Bulldog puppies are looking for their new homes. Please complete a puppy adoption application if you would like to add one of these gorgeous puppies to your family.

DAB WSC/09/2015


Marvin, Maverick, Merv & Marcel, 

Cash/Credit Card/ Bank Transfer Price:
Marvin: Brindle Male $5000

Maverick: Brindle Male $5000

Merv: Brindle Male $5000

Marcel: Brincle Male $5000

These lovely boys are now ready for adoption. With Easter coming up, there's no better gift than chocolate and puppies. 

Marvin 956000007372565

Maverick 956000007361941

Merv 956000007378902

Marcel 956000007371332


DAB WSC/09/2015




Cushion Cover 

10 Dollars Each 

       + Postage

Connie, Clyde, Crystal

Carmen, Clive

Cash/Credit Card/ Bank Transfer Price:
Connie: Brindle Female $5000

Clyde: Brindle Male $5000

Crystal: Brindle Female $5000

Carmen: Brindle Female $5000

Clive: Brindle Male $5000

Aren't these pups just adorable? Valentine's Day may be almost finished, but it is never too late to adopt one of our pups. Girls love surprise presents 365 days a year. 

Connie 956000007369002

Clyde 956000007373068

Crystal 956000007378669

Carmen 956000007362356

Clive 956000007371925


DAB WSC/09/2015