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Ethical & Registered Breeder of the most Unique Frenchies Australia wide Est 2003.

Unique French Bulldogs is a family owned business and registered breeder. With over 44 years combined experience breeding French Bulldogs. Changing the face of what it means to be a dog breeder in the 21st century. Unique is an ethical, health-first organisation with a primary aim to strengthen the general health of this beautiful breed.

We are all a little UNIQUE right?

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Why a cheaper puppy is just not worth it!

Now more than ever it is important to ensure if purchasing a puppy you are buying from a registered breeder. With scammers everywhere offering puppies for cheap on amazing websites its hard to tell real from fake. 

We are registered with the local council and undergo annual inspections to renew our licence.

We are available for phone calls, face-time and Skype to help ease your mind if you are unable to visit our facility.

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Unique French Bulldogs

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