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  • Deb & Grahame

    Amazing!!Not GoodGoodGreatAwesomeAmazing!!

    Thank You Sharyn for our beautiful Boy Angus. He has been part of our family now for almost two and a half years and he is such a cheeky loveable character, he just always wants to be where we are.
    Our vet keeps telling us that he is the healthiest Frenchie he has come across.
    We always recommend you when asked about Angus.
    We give you a 10/10 for commitment to breeding healthy pups and follow up advice when needed.

  • Sooji Chaseling

    Amazing!!Not GoodGoodGreatAwesomeAmazing!!

    Our lil 10 week old jungi, thanks so much sharryn for such an amazing lil guy! Hes growing everyday and learning lots, we wish he had a lil friend to play with...

  • Carol Ratcliff

    Amazing!!Not GoodGoodGreatAwesomeAmazing!!

    Murphy... Just luv him.. Thanks Sharryn Aurisch you completed our family...xxx

  • Julia Bell

    Amazing!!Not GoodGoodGreatAwesomeAmazing!!

    Hey everyone this is my puppy Bentley who I bought off Sharryn Aurisch about this time last year. He is amazing! Everyone thinks his a little human cause he has so many expressions. His also very cuddly which I love! He hasn't had any health issues so far, his been really low maintenance. His also really good with kids too, great family dog!! I would definitely recommend using Sharryn as she was really quick getting me my puppy and extremely helpful with transport and food etc.

  • Peta Sharman

    Amazing!!Not GoodGoodGreatAwesomeAmazing!!

    Our baby boy is 9 months old today. Thanks again Sharryn Aurisch for giving us the bestest friend we could ever ask for.
    Bouda has the best personality, so hard to imagine how we ever lived without the little guy in our life.

  • Lesley Wats

    Amazing!!Not GoodGoodGreatAwesomeAmazing!!

    Hi My name is Lesley, Mother of Vegas, When I think back on 2013 all I can think about is the joy this little sweetheart has bought to our family. She has made a special bond with all 3 of us in a different way. Loves to play, snooze, eat and just happy to be in human company, whilst still being great with other dog. Thanks Sharryn for all your help she has been dream.

  • Renee Grieve

    Amazing!!Not GoodGoodGreatAwesomeAmazing!!

    This is our boy TANK! His almost 2 years old. We purchased him off Sharryn Aurisch. Couldn't be anymore happier with the snorter he is. Highly recommended breeder who is honest and loyal

  • Emily Pegoraro

    Amazing!!Not GoodGoodGreatAwesomeAmazing!!

    This is our boy jasper we brought this time last year. What an adventure it's been! He's full of energy, cuddles, farts lol, snorts lol, snoring lol and personality plus!
    We haven't had any problems with him health wise.
    Thanks Sharryn Aurisch , looking at all these pups makes me want another one

  • Haley Austin

    Amazing!!Not GoodGoodGreatAwesomeAmazing!!

    Thought you'd like to know Sharryn Aurisch that I took Leroy to the vet today for his health check and shots and was told he must have had exceptional breeding as he was absolutely perfect! Thank you for all the extra work you put into your pups, Leroy is the happiest healthiest little guy because of it

  • Jayden

    Amazing!!Not GoodGoodGreatAwesomeAmazing!!

    Very late to post a review but I’m glad I did because I could not be happier with our little girl Penny, her health and personality. Lovely individuals at Unique French Bulldogs who truly have the best intentions for their Frenchies, which is evident in their practices. I highly recommend Sharryn, I recommend you go out and see the facilities and all the lovely dogs. Thank you Sharryn. From Jayden, Aleesha & Penny!

  • Tahleaha Shiels

    Amazing!!Not GoodGoodGreatAwesomeAmazing!!

    This is Wally I got him this time last year from Sharryn Aurisch he has been so amazing he's like one of our kids we couldn't imagine life without him. We have had no health issues with him. Thanks so much sharryn we will be getting another from you at some stage

  • Madeleine Roberts

    Amazing!!Not GoodGoodGreatAwesomeAmazing!!

    Not only have I got an amazing and beautiful companion from this breeder, I have also joined one of the most amazing support networks of owners.

    Sharryn is an absolutely lovely woman who wants to help you as much as possible and is always there to answer any questions you may have, before or after your purchase.

    I have been to her property, seen her facilities, and met the mother & father of our puppy and even her whole family!

    Just call her for a chat, she will happily answer any of your concerns, then form your own opinion, don't let others form it for you.

  • Miss-Jade

    Amazing!!Not GoodGoodGreatAwesomeAmazing!!

    Khaleesi posing with her smouldering looks . Khaleesi weighs 11.5 kg, 8 months old red fawn with black mask breed by Sharryn Aurisch. She is the most smartest switch on girl I have ever met , she is incredibly gentle and has never hurt anyone and I have taken her to baby showers! Talking to her is like talking to a human ! My partner and I say everyday to each other how glad we are we bought her through Sharryn as the time she puts into her pups shows as they grow up as a part of your family ! We are buying our second girl through Sharryn , her dogs are just outstanding

  • Nicola Dalton

    Amazing!!Not GoodGoodGreatAwesomeAmazing!!

    This is our beautiful boy Bowie. He is nearly 11 months old and is our bundle of joy. Sharryn Aurisch has been so helpful and is always available to chat and give advice. I received many photos of Bowie while he was growing up and also lots of information and goodies to take home.
    Bowie is a very fun and loving companion. Whilst he loves to go for a walk and is always up for play time, he is also more than happy to be lazy and snuggle up on the couch.
    We're so happy we found Sharryn!

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