Unique French Bulldogs are a registered breeder with the Wellington Shire Council. Reg No# WSC09/2015.

All of our gorgeous babies come toilet trained, vet checked, wormed, flead, micro-chipped and vaccinated. Our puppies are also spine x-rayed and scored as well as having their heart auscultation examined and patellas examined and scored. We believe that we have the most thorough health screening program for French Bulldog puppies compared to any other breeders within Australia. 


French Bulldogs

French Bulldogs are truly unique animals and therefore have many unique needs.

Because of this there are several areas owners must be aware of & take care & precautions where needed.


French Bulldogs can find it difficult to regulate their body temperatures & can be vulnerable to the elements. They are highly susceptible to heat, heat exhaustion & dehydration which can result in death. It is extremely important that if your Frenchie is outside that s/he has plenty of cool water & shade.

We HIGHLY recommend a shell pool half filled & placed in the shad to keep you pup cool when you're not at home. Alternatively, the best option would be to keep him/her inside with the air conditioning on during the hotter months. This is where having “crate trained” your little one can come in to good use, as you know they are safe & cool inside, but not running a muck throughout the house!!

** Do NOT exercise your Frenchie in the heat of the day. If the concrete feels hot on your hand then it’s too hot to walk your dog.

During the colder months your little one can find it difficult to keep warm. So during the cooler months make sure you little one has a nice warm area to sleep in. Some people like to invest in beds that have an inbuilt warming blanket, or you can keep your pup stylish with some nice jumpers/hoodies. Remember if you go for walks have a weather proof dog coat to help keep them warm.


French Bulldogs are not well known for their great swimming ability, most frenchies are not very capable swimmers. Due to this be very cautious with your new puppy around water.

To start with you may find they are not comfortable around water, but encourage them to play whether it is in a little pool, river or the beach. But if you are going to take your little one into deeper water we recommend a doggy flotation jacket that helps keep them afloat.


French Bulldogs have a very unique body structure & because of this the weight of their body is distributed more heavily on certain parts/joints of the body then most breeds.

Because of this we strongly advise you DO NOT allow your Frenchie (at any age) to jump on or off couches, beds, chairs or any elevated surface. Allowing this can cause damage to their joints & effect their physical growth.


French bulldog’s skin can be sensitive. Due to this your pup’s skin may become irritated by certain plants, grasses, grooming products. Regular inspections of your pup’s skin (especially around the belly) will give you an indication if something is causing a reaction.

If an allergy occurs, you will notice redness on the skin to the extreme of welts may appear.

If you notice any redness on your little one’s skin, keep your pup inside until it settles & then try to establish what is causing the irritation. If the irritation is severe visit you vet as soon as possible to look at allergy testing & treatment.


It is important to remember that the French Bulldog, like any breed, has specific health issues that they are more prone to then others. Just because we list these here does not mean that your Frenchie will acquire any of these illnesses or injuries. We simply want to make you aware & educate our owners on what is common within the breed.

Luxating Patellas (dislocating knee joints) & sub luxation of the hip

Both of these conditions can occur &/or are aggravated by jumping off elevated/unstable surfaces & furniture. This is why we advise you do not allow your pup to jump from heights to prevent this condition from occurring.


This is where the gland in the 3rd eyelid slips out of place & becomes inflamed.

Cherry eye is not a life threatening condition, but, if left untreated it can cause irritation and issues later with your pups sight.


As mentioned, French Bulldogs are unable to regulate their temperature. Due to this they can easily overheat & death can occur. So please ensure during warmer months you take necessary measures to prevent this from happening


French Bulldogs tend to wheeze, snort & snore die to their general composition. This is extremely normal & don’t fret, they can still breathe.


Some French Bulldogs may over salivate, causing them to drool. This may be from various situations- hunger, excessive exercising, stressed.


Depending on the colouring of your Frenchie you may need to be careful with regards to protection when in the sun. Frenchies with lighter coat colours e.g. pure white, can be more vulnerable to sunburn. Studies have shown a third of canine tumours can be traced back to sunburn. The main areas that need protection is ears/muzzle/nose (areas that are pink) & with the lighter color Frenchies & their short coats protection should be considered for the whole body.

It is advised not to use normal sunscreen as it has ingredients that are toxic to animals, there are canine sunscreens available which you should be able to source from a good pet supply store.



Hemivertibrae refers to incompletely formed spinal vertebrae. This is a common malformation seen in French Bulldogs. The spinal vertebrae are not completely formed until 7-9 months of age thus your puppies first score may overestimate the prevalence of hemivertebrae at this point of time. We believe in strengthening the health of the breed and our breeding program which selects against hemivertebrae should be effective in reducing their prevalence. Scoring your puppy will assist Unique French Bulldogs evaluate Sire and Dam’s suitability for breeding. Dogs which produce puppies with high hemivertebrae scores will not be bred from again.

While most hemivertebrae cause no problems, a hemivertebrae causing spinal deviation, (typically kyphosis) has more chance of being associated with spinal cord compression. Spinal vertebrae protect the spinal cord. Damage to spinal cord can present as pelvic limp weakness urinary incontinence and hind-limb muscle wasting. Investigation of spinal found hemivertebrae causing ventral deviation was associated with neurological defects in dogs presenting for veterinary treatment. French Bulldogs with kyphoscoliosis (deformed spines often caused by hemivertebrae) have shown a higher incidence of vertebral disk extrusion. Reducing the incidence of these specific spinal deformities should result in more robust breed.


French Bulldogs are a domestic breed that is classified in the non-sporting group. They have been susceptible to joints, spine and patella problems and it is therefore advisable to not allow your French Bulldog to jump on and off furniture or in and out of vehicles as it can compromise their spines and joints. 


Adoption Questionnaire

At Unique French Bulldogs, we like to know that our puppies are going to the best of homes, that is why we ask all people to fill in an adoption application so we can help to give advice on the best suitable dog for their needs.

If you are interested in one of our dogs, please fill out the adoption application below and send back to us.

Once we have received your application, we will contact you for the next step of the adoption process.




At Unique French Bulldogs we offer a range of payment options to suit all of our customers.

Learn about our options below.


It has now become even easier to get a French Bulldog simply:

​​1. Select a puppy you would like to join your family.

2.$1000 deposit required 

3. We will desex, spine/heart/knee score as well as a general health check on your puppy

4. As soon as you pay your first PuppyPay payment you can pick your puppy up!

5. Take your puppy home and enjoy your time together.

While paying weekly interest free payment.

Please note a $500 administration fee is added to the price of your puppy.


We have facilities on site for you to pay by EFTPOS on the day you decide on what dog you would like to home. 

We can arrange bank transfers and cash also. 

Please note that deposits are required to secure your dog of choice, without a deposit Unique French Bulldogs may sell the dog you are interested in.


Click on the calculator link below to 


Our Facilities


Our state of the art indoor facility known as The Nursery, is one of the best in Australia.

The facility is fully heated/air conditioned, well-lit and fitted with fans, a kitchenette, and even a TV to keep the Frenchies comforted! Our facility consists of multiple private dog rooms to house a mother and her litter during this precious and pivotal time. Each spacious room contains a large bed, heat mat, food & drink, toys and toilet training trays. Industrial quality linoleum flooring ensure the Frenchies cannot tear, dampen or permanently soil their home and the mixture of textures on the ground from soft fabric mats to bristled AstroTurf provides some variation, stimulation and colour into their environment.

Our animal attendants thoroughly clean The Nursery twice a day with specifically developed animal disinfectants and ensure that our Frenchies have a constant and varied supply of food and water to graze on day and night. We encourage all of our newborns to breast feed from their mother to receive all the natural nutrients and antibodies they need to be fit and healthy but our animal attendants also top up the little ones with bottle feeds. Our Frenchies are handled, socialised and exercised multiple times a day, every single day, and receive access to all the wider grounds of the property.

This facility has around the clock CCTV for safety and security purposes. 


Our large ‘outdoor runs’ house the majority of our male Frenchies and adult mothers who are not nursing pups. These large separate gardens have enough space for our Frenchies to run and exercise. They are complete with colourful wooden cubby houses. These large homes contain beds and straw and are roofed to protect Frenchies from rain water and shade them from the sun. Each of these gardens also have various plastic play equipment, garden props and ornaments, toys and animal-friendly plants growing around the facility.

The outdoor runs are cleaned daily by our animal attendants who also ensure the dogs receive a constant and varied supply of food to graze on day and night. The gardens each have their own water supply and drainage system which provides the Frenchies with a constant stream of fresh, cool drinking water.

Our Frenchies are handled, socialised and exercised multiple times a day, every single day and receive access to all the wider grounds of the property.

The facility has around the clock CCTV for safety and security purposes.


Our facilities are set on a backdrop of five acres of beautiful Victorian countryside. We have a large grassy field, planted gardens, vegetable patches, trees and a gravel area that our Frenchies can roam freely and safely. The grounds are littered with play equipment, toys, food and water and are maintained daily by our animal attendants who ensure food and water are topped up for grazing, grounds are poop scooped and grass is consistently mown.

This is a family owned and run business so the Frenchie facilities are an extension of our own home. We are around 24/7 to maintain, care for, love and play with the Frenchies. Our Frenchies all become socialised with the young children in our family, personal pets including our cats Elsa & Tom, and other breeds of dog such as our Belgian Shephard & Neapolitan Mastiff guard dogs.

The entire grounds, facility and home are powered in part by sustainable solar energy and natural filtered rainwater.

The grounds include free, off road, private parking for visitors and have around the clock CCTV for safety and security purposes.




Black and White 


Unique French Bulldogs is committed to importing at least two males from overseas every year and has surpassed that commitment often. She sources strong, healthy dogs from around the world. This is a big undertaking, but she is a strong believer in ‘outcrossing’ as this significantly reduces the risk of health defects.

Line breeding or inbreeding? Never

This compounds health problems, particularly if there is a problem recessive gene present. For example, if a female and male have an issue a breeder is unaware of, mixing their DNA could likely result in the birth of puppies with health problems.

Therefore, Sharryn only breeds two to three litters from each female and is always importing or buying new males. The first stock she imported was six years ago.

Below is a table from then until now:

San Diego             Bentley

Germany               Edgar/Casey

Amsterdam           Lord

Hawaii                   Harley/Davidson/Ben/Lino

Hungary                Mocha/Timon/Silver

England                 Rolex

California              Tupac

England                 Ben

California              Cobalt/Achilles/Shakira

Germany               Snickers/Dracula








All French Bulldog males pictured are available for stud. Although all of our males mate naturally they are only available for stud through A.I to reduce the risk of physical harm as well as prevent the transmission of STD's to our males. To find out more about our stud services please contact 0432185833




Tri Colour

Shrinkable Lines

Imported from Hawaii


Black and White 




Imported from Germany




Chocolate Brindle


Blue Brindle




Brindle Pied


Blue and White



Fawn Pied


Black and White Pied


Dark Brindle






Blue Fawn








Red Sable



Nicola Dalton

This is our beautiful boy Bowie. He is nearly 11 months old and is our bundle of joy. Sharryn Aurisch has been so helpful and is always available to chat and give advice. I received many photos of Bowie while he was growing up and also lots of information and goodies to take home.
Bowie is a very fun and loving companion. Whilst he loves to go for a walk and is always up for play time, he is also more than happy to be lazy and snuggle up on the couch.
We're so happy we found Sharryn!

Sooji Chaseling

Our lil 10 week old jungi, thanks so much sharryn for such an amazing lil guy! Hes growing everyday and learning lots, we wish he had a lil friend to play with...

Peta Sharman

Our baby boy is 9 months old today. Thanks again Sharryn Aurisch for giving us the bestest friend we could ever ask for.
Bouda has the best personality, so hard to imagine how we ever lived without the little guy in our life.

Carol Ratcliff

Murphy... Just luv him.. Thanks Sharryn Aurisch you completed our family...xxx

Tahleaha Shiels

This is Wally I got him this time last year from Sharryn Aurisch he has been so amazing he's like one of our kids we couldn't imagine life without him. We have had no health issues with him. Thanks so much sharryn we will be getting another from you at some stage

Emily Pegoraro

This is our boy jasper we brought this time last year. What an adventure it's been! He's full of energy, cuddles, farts lol, snorts lol, snoring lol and personality plus!
We haven't had any problems with him health wise.
Thanks Sharryn Aurisch , looking at all these pups makes me want another one

Miss-Jade Tattooist

Khaleesi posing with her smouldering looks . Khaleesi weighs 11.5 kg, 8 months old red fawn with black mask breed by Sharryn Aurisch. She is the most smartest switch on girl I have ever met , she is incredibly gentle and has never hurt anyone and I have taken her to baby showers! Talking to her is like talking to a human ! My partner and I say everyday to each other how glad we are we bought her through Sharryn as the time she puts into her pups shows as they grow up as a part of your family ! We are buying our second girl through Sharryn , her dogs are just outstanding

Haley Austin

Thought you'd like to know Sharryn Aurisch that I took Leroy to the vet today for his health check and shots and was told he must have had exceptional breeding as he was absolutely perfect! Thank you for all the extra work you put into your pups, Leroy is the happiest healthiest little guy because of it

Ebony Thomas

Hey Sharryn Aurisch, just thought i would share this pic of Floyd Sparkles on her graduation day. She is growing up so fast!

Tayla Mannuzza

ALL of you claiming sharryn is a puppy farm, LISTEN UP!! The conditions her dogs and puppies live in are immaculate! Visited sharryn today and all I can say is wow. 
I've been on the waiting list for a couple months now and visiting her today made me very happy and patient to wait for our little pup much easier knowing where the pups are coming from. All the mummies are in superb health and very well loved as well as every other animal at her home.
Seeing her passion with my own eyes today reassures me all she cares about is her babies. 
So unless you have personally been there, DO your research and don't judge based on what others are saying who HAVNT even been to see the facility personally.
I am a very harsh animal lover, and as soon as I see something that is cruel to any type of animal, I will do something about it. I could not fault sharryn and her work.
Well done sharryn, I am proud to be getting a puppy from you.

Julien Manigand       

I am very happy, Sharryn does a great job and breeds excellent dogs. We now have two Frenchies thanks to Sharryn.

We picked up our new addition Coco last Sunday and omg she is soooooo cute. She is 5 years old and we have rehomed her. She is settling I beautifully and has won the hearts of the whole family and friends as well. I can't thank Sharryn enough for the support sms hemp she has given us. I was ed formerly impressed with Sharyns breeding program of her French bulldogs. Extremely professional and humane for the furry frenchies. 
Mothers nursery large farm to have a natural environment to play in.
We are so happy so thank you Shazza for being completely honest and transparent you mace the experience awesome.
Coco loves her new family and home. 😍 
She is getting a little spoiled l. must say 😋


Very late to post a review but I’m glad I did because I could not be happier with our little girl Penny, her health and personality. Lovely individuals at Unique French Bulldogs who truly have the best intentions for their Frenchies, which is evident in their practices. I highly recommend Sharryn, I recommend you go out and see the facilities and all the lovely dogs. Thank you Sharryn. From Jayden, Aleesha & Penny!

Erica Rawson
Place is kept in great condition and all dogs and puppies are treated like family, the puppy room is in excellent condition so all pups are kept healthy, lovely open space giving each dog enough room

Brooke Mahar     
Very informative and friendly people, great facilities and super cute 

Annie Joy              

Wonderful facilities, very helpful with all questions we had, gorgeous dogs! Couldn't recommend highly enough

Salli Bacon
Fantastic facilities, lovely staff and beautiful dogs! Truly amazed by the bloodline from all around the world.

Jessica Bottega
Our beautiful boy Buster came from Sharyn.. he has such an amazing temperament. We couldn't have found Sharyn and her family more accommodating, they really care for their frenchies.
We're always sending her updates on Buster. From daily snaps to Christmas cards! We would really recommend to anyone looking for Frenchie to go through Sharyn


I highly recommend the team at Unique French Bulldogs. Oh my Gosh! I have probably been the most painful of new Frenchie parent - asking question after question - calling and emailing - each and every time I was answered with patience and compassion with total commitment to help. The support is amazing. 
I got my little girl yesterday and she is such a chilled out sweet little one - already toilet trained and very confident in herself.
Thankyou a thousand times over Unique Team. You are all amazing.

Madeleine Roberts        

Not only have I got an amazing and beautiful companion from this breeder, I have also joined one of the most amazing support networks of owners.

Sharryn is an absolutely lovely woman who wants to help you as much as possible and is always there to answer any questions you may have, before or after your purchase.

I have been to her property, seen her facilities, met the mother & father of our puppy and even her whole family!

Just call her for a chat, she will happily answer any of your concerns, then form your own opinion, don't let others form it for you.

Adam Grimes

One year ago this Saturday is when we picked up with little dude from Sharryn Aurisch. How he has grown over the year! Oscar is a very important member of the family


Lesley Watson

Hi My name is Lesley, Mother of Vegas, When I think back on 2013 all I can think about is the joy this little sweetheart has bought to our family. She has made a special bond with all 3 of us in a different way. Loves to play, snooze, eat and just happy to be in human company, whilst still being great with other dog. Thanks Sharryn for all your help she has been dream.

Peta Sharman

Thank you for the add Sharryn Aurisch.
We got our Our baby Bouda from Sharryn, he is now 8 months old now and doing so well. Fantastic experience dealing with Sharryn.
Bouda is very cheeky and brings us a lot of joy.
Check out these photos of him.
We r very much happy parents thanks Sharryn

Jessica Nash

After following Sharryn and this page for a long time and doing some research, my partner and I decided to visit Sharryn and see her beautiful Frenchies for ourselves. Safe to say We fell in love with them and didn't want to leave!

The environment they are bought up in is like a family home and our little man Archer is just the sweetest little guy. Can't thank Sharryn, Taylor etc enough for being so welcoming to us and also letting us into their home and blessing us with such a beautiful little man. 
Everyone he meets love him and his sweet nature. I'm sure he wouldn't have this if he wasn't from such a loving place to begin with.

Defiantly recommend Sharryn and making the trip to Sale is definitely worth it. We couldn't be happier! 

Julia Bell

Hey everyone this is my puppy Bentley who I bought off Sharryn Aurisch about this time last year. He is amazing! Everyone thinks his a little human cause he has so many expressions. His also very cuddly which I love! He hasn't had any health issues so far, his been really low maintenance. His also really good with kids too, great family dog!! I would definitely recommend using Sharryn as she was really quick getting me my puppy and extremely helpful with transport and food etc. if you want anymore info feel free to pm or comment below

Ben Logan

Our beautiful frenchy Quincy bought from Sharryn Aurisch in October last year! She has been perfect have had no problems at all and has the best personality! Would recommend to anyone to purchase one of these amazing little puppies from her!


Jacqueline Benda

Our amazing Chuck having a nap this morning, he's such a crazy little bubble of energy, photos like this are hard to come by & we wouldn't have him any other way! Thanks Sharryn Aurisch ur the best!


Laura Ivanica


This is going to be a long read but I wanted to share..
You are truly one of a kind!! No words can describe the joy our family is experiencing right now.....
I see all these pups going to new homes and as much as i wanted one i just knew with so many little kids it would be a little hard..
Then, i come across a picture of a very special girl...
A little gem that i fell instantly in love with who was retiring!!
You have raised such a beautiful girl, she has been wonderful with our 4 little girls and got along perfectly with our other dog!!
You are doing such an amazing job our family could not be happier!!
If anyone is wanting their pets picked up and delivered to either you or the airport a lovely man named Ray Wade does this, he doesn't charge a lot but the service is like no other..
Our girl arrived with some ice in her crate and a blanket on the bottom for comfort!
Thank you Sharryn, we are so in love!! xxxx

Renee Grieve

This is our boy TANK! His almost 2 years old. We purchased him off Sharryn Aurisch. Couldn't be anymore happier with the snorter he is. Highly recommended breeder who is honest and loyal



Bridget Mason

Little Iggy - healthy and happy! Thank you Sharryn Aurisch she is perfect in every way x


Zoe Flannery

A year ago today I picked up Napoleon from Sharryn. Can not image life without him now!